This road-race scene from Adam Rifkin‘s Dog Years (aka The Last Movie Star) is a keeper.

How many world-class, stick-to-your-ribs lines did Burt Reynolds deliver over the course of his career? All I can think of is “Fifty, my ass” and “the system’s gonna fail” from Deliverance. But young Burt’s “uh-huh” in this scene is riveting — a perfect distillation of of “yeah, I know life doesn’t last forever but I couldn’t care less at this point…hah!”

Old Burt: The hell’s the matter with you? We coulda been killed. You think you’re gonna live forever?
Young Burt (smug, cocksure): Uh-huh.

The CG in this scene isn’t what it could be, I realize. I wish Rifkin could have somehow made old Burt look fresher and less degraded.