The Omicron variant is still in my system, of course. But I can feel it fading — weakening — in slow, incremental ways. Tuesday and to some extent Wednesday were the bad days.

Today (12.23) will be spotty (still a tiny bit achey) but I won’t sleep as much. I should be mostly out of the woods by Saturday. I might even be 70% back to normal by Christmas Eve (Friday, 12.24).

With a regular, old-fashioned flu I always start sweating when it’s about to give up the ghost. This hasn’t happened yet with the big “O”. Perhaps it never will.

“I ain’t so tough” — James Cagney’s Tom Powers in William Wellman‘s Public Enemy (‘31).

12.23, 1:20 pm update: Still feeling vaguely shitty, but my temperature has dropped to 98.8.