“With less than one hour to go and no restraining order in place, I feel comfortable now letting you all know that this film was the subject of legal threats and was almost not shown at all here at the festival,” William Morris agent Cassian Elwes wrote in a bulk mailing to buyers last night before the only screening of Paris, Not France at the Ryerson at 6 pm.
“This version will probably never be seen again. I am hoping that Paris will see, with the audience tonight, that there is nothing to be afraid of here. And will eventually let the film be distributed.
“What was originally conceived to be a 20-minute puff piece extra on the DVD release for her album, has in fact become a fascinating examination of what it’s like to be a star in our star-obsessed culture.
“I can guarantee you three things: you may be the only people to ever see this version, you will not be disappointed, and everyone will be asking you if you saw it.”
I was going to try and go myself, but at the last minute I asked myself, “Why are you making any kind of effort to see a doc about Paris Hilton? Where are your priorities?”