Last weekend I was told about a sequence in Liv Corfixen‘s My Life Directed By Nicholas Winding Refn, a Hearts of Darkness-like doc about the making of Refn’s Only God Forgives, in which Refn reads a portion of my Cannes Film Festival pan of Only God Forgives. Here it is. Corfixen offers an honest look at a good filmmaker going through the usual doubt and pain; she’s just as candid in portraying a healthy but less-than-ideal marriage. Honestly? I don’t regret writing that pan in the least but I now feel badly about having possibly hurt Refn’s feelings. Even with Corfixen saying to him after he reads the review, “You brought it upon yourself.” (Or words to that effect.) Then again Refn seems mildly amused as he reads the review. Provoking strong reactions is better than causing people to shrug their shoulders or nod out…right?