One of two Clint Eastwood scenarios (take your pick): (a) Clint won’t “do” anything for Milllion Dollar Baby…no q & a’s at industry screenings, no honored-guest visits at film festivals, no sit-down slots on director’s panels, or (b) he will be doing things on occasion and just likes to play it loose, like a jazz musician. Eastwood’s in-house Malpaso marketing guy Marco Barla has told one prestigious Los Angeles-area suitor that Eastwood is so adamant and dug-in about not doing publicity he isn’t even asking Eastwood if he’ll do this or that. (Barla isn’t even picking up the phone about this issue, and is referring callers to senior WB publicist Julie Goodwin.) Eastwood is said to be steamed at WB production execs for not supporting Baby more fervently during production, but some say that his apparent no-publicity, leave-me-alone posture is self-defeating as far as Baby‘s interests are concerned.