A Universal film called Girls Trip opened last June and pulled in $137 million. I wouldn’t know but terrific. Regina Hall, Queen Latifa, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish costarred. Haddish hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and in her opening monologue the two stand-outs were about sexual harassment (“If you got your thing-thing out, and she got all her clothes on, you’re wrong…wait ’til she takes her own clothes off, then pull your thing-thing out!”) and Donald Trump‘s hair — dusty material, easy target. Haddish said she gets all her news “from the beauty shop” — brilliant — and noted that the girls are saying “dang, who is doing Donald Trump’s wigs? His lace fronts are off the chain! What kind of glue is he using?”

Not to defend Trump in any context, but that’s a sexist crack. Imagine a male comedian telling a joke about a 60-plus actress wearing a great-looking wig or hair extensions. The room would become Edgar Allen Poe‘s The Tomb of Ligeia, and then he’d be apologizing the next day to the club owner. Longish pompadours look weird on older guys, agreed, but there’s something dictatorial about the fashionistas ridiculing same.