“No one in Hollywood since Greta Garbo has had more mysterious allure than Sasha Stone, editor of Oscarwatch.com. In fact, let me shamelessly declare myself right here and now to be the self-appointed president of the Sasha Stone Fan Club. Not only is she a brilliant cyber-editor, but one of the savviest observers of the Oscar scene and, as every online Oscar nut knows, a great, gracious gal beloved by all who know her.

“But it’s hard to know her, frankly. She’s not a brazen, bugle-blasting self-promoter like me. As a result of her classy reserve — or shyness? — she’s become famously elusive and mysterious. A magnificent cyber-legend. Everywhere I hear, ‘Have you ever met Sasha Stone? I haven’t. Do you know what she’s like?’ Of course, being a fan, I sing her praises, but I’ve had to admit for many years, ‘Nope. Never met her. I only know Sasha via email and I keep trying to set up a dinner here, a cup of coffee there, but our plans always fall apart.’
“Alas, we haven’t pulled off that hookup yet, but we did manage a podcast chitchat today just hours after the New York film critics voted and one day after the L.A. media wags did the same.” — The Envelope‘s Tom O’Neil intro-ing a 12.11.06 audio interview.