Radius, the Weinstein Co. and Landmark Theatres have announced that all federal and military employees will be given free tickets to see Jacob Kornbluth and Robert Reich‘s Inequality For All (i.e, the Inconvenient Truth of American economics) but only today. They should be a little more liberal about it and allow the eligible to see it gratis for two days — today (Thursday, 10.3) and tomorrow (Friday, 10.4). And then go back to paid admissions starting Saturday. Participating Landmark Theatres include The Landmark (Los Angeles, CA), California 3 (Berkeley, CA), Harvard Exit 2 (Seattle, WA), E Street Cinema (Washington, DC), Century Centre 7 (Chicago, IL), Aquarius 2 (Palo Alto, CA), Ritz 5 (Philadelphia, PA), Bethesda Row (Bethesda, MD), Kendall Square 9 (Cambridge, MA), Hillcrest 5 (San Diego, CA), Renaissance Place 5 (Highland Park, IL), La Jolla Village 4 (La Jolla, CA) and Keystone Art (Indianapolis, IN).