New York‘s Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi, 29, who writes as sharply, knowingly and unpretentiously as Michael Wolff, has penned a devastating “Intelligencer” profile of a withered, blathering and clearly declining Donald Trump.

The piece has two titles — “The Final Campaign” online and, on the current New York cover, “Party of One.”

It’s a darkly amusing dig-down piece…fascinating content start to finish…one smirking, devastating paragraph after next. D-List MAGA types (including “Brick Man”) at the Mar a Lago announcement of Trump’s ’24 presidential campaign. Anonymous Trump adviser: “It’s not there. In this business, you can have it and have it so hot [but] it can go overnighty and it’s gone and you can’t get it back. I think we’re just seeing that it’s gone,. The magic is gone.”

The image of Trump basically being fat Elvis Presley during the tacky decline period of ’76 and ’77…this analogy will stick.

The Elvis observation is from 41-year-old Sam Nunberg, a Manhattan-based operator who was an on-and-off political advisor to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and “was subpoenaed by a grand jury for testimony and documents relating to the Special Counsel’s Russia investigation.”