I recently ordered a DVD of a flagrantly bad film — Roger Vadim‘s Pretty Maids All In A Row (’71) — just so I could check out a brief, nothing-special nude scene with Angie Dickinson, who’ll turn 80 later this year. Dickinson au natural is why I also own Big Bad Mama (’74) — another stinker. Dickinson was never much of an actress. And she only made two good films in her life, Rio Bravo and Point Blank.

The guy with Dickinson in this scene from Pretty Maids All In A Row is the late John David Carson. She was 40 when this film came out, and looked, at the oldest, like she was 32 or 33.

I’m not proud of this but at least I’m being honest. It feels a little bit weird that I’m confessing to the same Dickinson longing that Dominic Chianese‘s Corrado Soprano spoke of two or three times on The Sopranos, but I might as well cop to it.