Three days ago smart-ass conservative essayist P.J. O’Rourke, one of the few righties I like and admire, posted a Daily Beast piece endorsing Hillary Clinton. I was too Cannes-cranked to notice. The piece conveys the thinking of a lot of more-or-less sensible, selfish guys on the right who are grappling with “whoa, wait…Trump?”

O’Rourke: “Dorothy and Toto’s house fell on Hillary. I endorse her. Munchkins endorse her.

Donald Trump is a flying monkey. Except what the flying monkeys have to say, ‘oreoreoreo,’ makes more sense than Trump’s policy statements.

“Not that Hillary makes much sense either.

“Hillary is wrong about everything. She is to politics and statecraft what Pope Urban VIII and the Inquisition were to Galileo. She thinks the sun revolves around herself.

“But Trump Earth is flat. We’ll sail over the edge. Here be monsters.

“Hillary is a terrible bien pensant, taking her opinions from the top of the star-studded social ladder. In another day and place she’d be campaigning from Tara with the slogan ‘Fiddle-Dee-Dee.’ Frankly, Hillary, I don’t give a damn. I endorse you anyway.”