Some selective replies to Movieline‘s “In Memoriam” Oscar Montage Pool, to wit: (a) I have a feeling they might leave out Marilyn Chambers, although you can’t talk about the ’70s without mentioning Behind The Green Door, and Soupy Sales, due to his never being a Hollywood guy and much more of a local New York TV phenomenon; (b) If I were editing the death montage I’d open it with Al Martino or Maurice Jarre; (c) And I’d end it with an extended clip reel of John Hughes‘ films; (d) the first video clip will probably be about Farrah Fawcett; (e) the first dialogue clip may go to Ron Silver (probably from Reversal of Fortune) ; (f) the first actor named will be either Silver, Karl Malden or Edward Woodward; (g) the first actress named will be either Fawcett or Brittany Murphy; (h) Eric Rohmer will certainly be included; and (i) I don’t see them going all the big with a Michael Jackson tribute — two or three musical clips at most.

And as long as we’re on the topic, let’s remember once again how five years ago (i.e., on the Februay 2005 telecast) the great Marlon Brando — probably the most influential actor of the 20th Century, a God, a sphinx among men — wasn’t given a special video montage by Oscar show producers Gil Cates and Lou Horvitz, but that Johnny Carson was. Because Carson was better liked and Brando was a pain in the ass. This was one of the most shameful moments in the entire history of the Oscars.