Hollywood Reporter award-season columnist Scott Feinberg and I talked for an hour last night about everything. Scott and I talk the same language so it was a good fit. Here’s a stand-alone mp3 link. We talked about End of Watch, early screeners being sent out (Arbitrage screeners should be mailed ASAP), Silver Linings Playbook pushback (which Scott may or may not be a part of) and yaddah yaddah.

I guess I’m being extra-assertive about posting Oscar Poker chats in order to assert that I almost feel liberated without Sasha because now I don’t have to sidestep the fact that she hasn’t seen this or that new film because she had to do something with her daughter.

My sound-editing skills are obviously nothing to shout about, but I probably have the ability to learn a thing or two. (Sasha really has her skills down in this regard, and her taste in music is far more sophisticated than mine.) I still haven’t figured out how to upload to iTunes but I’ll get that down eventually.