I’d love to attend Friday night’s Spirit Awards presentation at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, but, as I noted on 2.17, it seems excessive to throw down $600 or $700 bills (plane fare, car rental, incidentals) to that end. Plus I never get invited to any of those pre-Oscar agent parties in the hills. Plus I just watch the show on Sundays and live-blog, which I could do from Prague or Santiago if I had to.

So I’m thinking instead about attending Movieline‘s Oscar-viewing soiree at 92YTribeca. Maybe. If I can be assured there won’t be too much yappity-yap from the hosts (Michelle Collins, Sarah Benincase, Sara Schaefer), and if there’s a good spot to live-blog from (table, semi-comfortable stool or chair, nearby wall outlet). Otherwise screw it — I’ll just watch it from home with the cats.