In my 8.21 riff about James DiEugenio‘s “Reclaiming Parkland,” I asked for “some decisive piece of smoking-gun evidence” that disproves the Warren Report. This morning Joe McBride, the longtime film writer and author of the recently released “Into The Nightmare,” sent me an image of an 11.22.63 internal FBI memo sent by Alan H. Belmont to Clyde Tolson, special assistant to J. Edgar Hoover.

“Okay, so Belmont is reporting that they found two bullets,” I replied to McBride. “The pristine magic bullet, presumably, and another lodged in Kennedy’s head ‘behind his ear,’ right? No conspiracy whacko or official agency has ever asserted or even denied to my knowledge that a bullet was found lodged in JFK’s head so this was…what? An indication of a conspiracy to keep the truth from coming out? Or a wrongo due to the heat of the moment and the human capacity to misread or mishear or otherwise screw up, right? Or am I missing something?”

McBride referred me to page 556 in “Into The Nightmare” for an explanation. He writes on that page that the Warren Commission not the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations “never disclosed” that there was a bullet lodged behind the President’s ear. “This crucial evidence” — i.e., the Belmont memo — “invalidates the official version of the assassination that only three bullets were fired, all from behind, and that none was recovered during the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.”

McBride writes he discovered the Belmont memo in 1985, “buried among the 98,755 page sof FBI documents released to the public in 1977-78.”

Paul Giamatti as Abraham Zapruder in Peter Landesman’s Parkland, which opens on 9.20.