Apple techies to Hollywood Elsewhere (received this morning at 6:30): “Thank you for your patience. We reviewed the documents you provided and [have] turned off the Activation Lock on your device.” The six-digit, two-step security code that’s been making life hell for the last six days, they mean. Ye gods and little fishes! There are two or three procedures that have to be carefully followed and implemented, but once this is done the phone will be in the pink and fully operational.

Thanks to everyone I reached out to for help, and to all the HE regulars who offered advice, thoughts and general sympathies. The last six days really have been horrid. While a couple of Apple reps were extremely helpful and in fact acted as God’s angels, a few others weren’t helpful at all. I was told last weekend by two senior Apple support reps as well as a Genius bar guy that there was no way to help me and that I was more or less screwed blue.