“…who revelled in incessant womanizing.”

Over the last four days (including today), Russell Brand has gone from being the famously hyper comedian he’s been over the last 25 years or so to being…a dead man.

Is he, in fact, guilty of rape within the statute of limitations in Los Angeles or wherever? If so then he needs to face proper justice. But since last Saturday, he’s been tried and convicted and disembowled by social media, and that’s the bottom line.

Question #1: Why did none of his four accusers press charges with the authorities? Why did they wait 10 or 15 years to speak up? #MeToo made it a bit easier for victims to come forward five or six years ago. Some are persuaded that other accusers will come forward.

Question #2: What about that Tonia Buxton observation? — i.e., “Russell was horrid, but women were chucking themselves at him!”

Question #3: Brand has allegedly repented and, at age 48, is apparently no longer the ruthless sexual animal he apparently was in the ’90s, aughts and early 20teens. (Or so Tonia Buxton has said.) Should this be a consideration or should he be sent to the guillotine regardless?