A curiously unnamed Hollywood Newsroom editor with sentence-structure issues says “we know who’s Catwoman, it’s Maggie Gyllenhaal.” Knows how? Because, he/she says, Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart have “signed on for two Bat-pictures.” No source(s) offered, no allusions to where they might work, no nothin’….just “we know.”

So, according to this possibly true but also possibly baseless bunk, neither Rachel Dawson nor Harvey Dent really and truly died in The Dark Knight and Rachel will live again as Catwoman.
The only reason I’m linking is because I’m attracted to the idea of Dawson/Gyllenhaal rebounding and rebirthing as Catwoman (in part because it would much cooler for director Chris Nolan to choose Gyllenhaal over rumored Catwoman candidate Angelina Jolie), and because I like the idea of Eckhart, whose career received a huge jolt in the arm from his Dark Knight performance, being back for seconds.