“Page Six” has stumbled upon an item that may (for a minute or two) take everyone’s attention away from the Jared Paul Stern magillah: a re-shot happy ending for The Break-up (Universal, 6.2) with costars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn deciding to stay together at the end. The original script by Jeremy Garelick and Jay Lavender (Vaughn worked with them on the original story) had them going separate ways at the finish and “it was shot that way but test audiences hated it. It tested really…and I mean really badly,” a “source” tells “Page Six.” So Aniston, Vaughn, director Peyton Reed (Down with Love, Bring It On), and a crew went back to Vaughn’s home town of Chicago, where the film takes place, to shoot the new finale. “Page Six” quotes an e-mail from a Universal rep that apparently confirms this: “Every film can benefit from a few extra days of shooting, and The Break-up was able to return to Chicago for some quick additions that we believe will add to what we know is already an enormously satisfying movie.” (And by the way, it’s not The Break Up, as the IMDB has it, but The Break-up.) One concern: you can’t just paste a happy ending on a story. Happy endings have to be organically developed and earned. The seeds have to germinate early in the plot — they have to be hinted at, and be gradually developed. I haven’t seen or read The Break-up so I don’t know a damn thing, but I know you can’t build a comedy in a certain way and construct a plot with a certain tonal inclinations, and then turn around at the last minute and go “changed our minds…we’re taking things in a happy direction!” (A guy who’s read the script is calling this news “terrible…the script had a very good and different ending from most romantic comedies…there’s no way you can buy [Vaughn and Aniston] getting back together after pissing each other off for 90 minutes. Vaughn had dubbed it ‘the anti-romantic comedy’…not anymore, Vince…Universal has no balls.”)