On 12.16.07 I wondered why Juno director Jason Reitman cast Ellen Page based on her sass and spirit “but with no regard for the fact that in the real world a young woman who looks like Page — midget-sized, scrawny, looking like a feisty 11 year-old with absolutely nothing about her that says ‘alluring breeding-age female’ — most likely wouldn’t exactly be fighting off the attentions of hormonally-crazed teenage boys, including nice-guy dweebs like Michael Cera‘s character.”

I was, of course, mocked and spitballed for saying this in the most respectful terms I could manage. I’m repeating my blurt nonetheless because I believe that fate, the Academy membership and the Movie Gods are not in the final analysis comfortable with the idea of a Best Actress winner being this eflin and pocket- sized, and therefore that the Best Actress Oscar will go to Away From Her‘s Julie Christie or (my personal favorite) La Vie en Rose‘s Marion Cotillard. I say this recognizing that there are many, many Juno lovers out there looking to show their support in some way, but I still say no.