Paramount is showing Mission: Impossible III this evening to the Hollywood Foreign Press in preparation for interviews happening tomorrow (Wednesday, 4.19) with Tom Cruise and (perhaps) others from the film. You’d think with all the negative press on Cruise happening right now (the high NRG negatives I reported on last weekend, the women-don’t-like-him angle from Peter Howell, the placenta-eating put-on story that broke this morning, the rigged Parade poll story, the American College of Radiologists critique, etc.) that Paramount might want to step out of the box a bit and have columnists like me see the film this evening also…you know, with the understanding that if it works as well as some of us are hearing that we could do a little word-of-mouth spreading about the film, for a change. That way the buzz wouldn’t be all wacky-wacky like it is now.