I shouted out loud when I read about the death of journalist, critic and box-office maven Len Klady. I just heard about it 15 minutes ago…good heavens! I knew Len for a good 32 or 33 years, minimum. Not as a close friend but I sure as hell knew him in a kind of invited-to-the-same-press-event bon ami sense…”hey, Len,” the usual party chit-chat, sussing it all out, walla-walla, etc. A dark cloud over Canada. Hugs and condolences for his friends and Movie City News colleagues, and especially Len’s wife, critic and author Beverly Walker, whom I’ve also known for ages. Huge shock, very sorry. A heavy smoker, Len had been sick for a couple of months. At-home hospice care. Passed away this morning.

Movie City News box-office guy Len Klady, United 93 costar and former FAA bigwig Ben Sliney at 2007 press event. (Taken by yours truly.)