Patrick Goldstein‘s Big Picture column got into the Gail Berman hoo-hah today (Monday, 2.21), and used a quote from that “Scent of Toast” piece that I ran a week ago Sunday, and he was nice enough to say that “it quickly became the talk of the town” when it came out. Two-thirds of it was an edited-down letter I got from a professional woman who has beefs about Berman, and a third was composed of quotes this woman gave me when we spoke on the morning of Sunday, 2.12. After talking for 40 minutes or so she struck me as an authentic player-combatant. (You develop a nose for this stuff.) She refused at first to even identify her profession, but later she copped to being an agent. Goldstein seems to be needling me a bit in his column for not getting her name, rank, social security number and fingerprints, but…aaah, forget it.