Here’s the difference between a highly judgmental British film columnist like the Guardian‘s John Patterson and a streetcorner mess-around-and-fess-upper like myself. Patterson thinks actors who’ve won Oscars should be subjected to a three-strikes-and-you’re-out law — i.e., appear in three turkeys after winning your Oscar and you have to give it back.

Halle Berry ought to return hers, he feels, because she made Catwoman, Gothika and now Perfect Stranger (which Patterson hears is “Color of Night bad”). And Hilary Swank has to almost give her Oscar back as punishment for making The Black Dahlia and The Reaping. (One more and she’s done.) Whereas my attitude about Swank’s post-Million Dollar Baby transgressions is that she has to live in the world and take what comes, and she’s therefore not really “calling the shots” and that her critics should try to cut her a break….for the time being. Berry, however, may be a different story — she’s almost the female Cuba Gooding these days.