I’ve written and said Liam “Paycheck” Neeson so many times on this site that it sounds as natural and unaffected as Daniel Day Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones and Billy Bob Thornton. I’m not sorry for calling him a paycheck slut because…well, he’s been that for the last five or so years…let’s be honest. But out of respect for Neeson’s performance in A Walk Among the Tombstones and for the general integrity of the film, I am hereby pledging to never again use that ignominious middle name. Even if he makes three or four more Taken films (and I wouldn’t put it past Neeson to do this), from here on this grizzled 62-year-old will be referred to on this site as Liam Neeson and nothing else.

And by the way shame on those critics who’ve bitchslapped it. They know it’s a solid, above-average gumshoe drama that adheres to classic character-driven action in a ’90s-meets-the’-70s sort of way, and they took a dump on it anyway. Jerks. Tombstones is running at 53% at Metacritic and 62% at Rotten Tomatoes. Says Oregon Live‘s Jeff Baker: “Neeson used his newfound box-office clout to get A Walk Among the Tombstones made, and he’s the best reason to see it. His eyes are deep and sad, his arms and legs are long, and he acts like someone who’s seen it all and wants to make a little of it right before he goes to sleep. It’s masterful movie acting, not the kind that will win awards but the kind that will let you know there’s someone out there who cares.”