Five years ago I repeated one of the most important rules for famous guys attending public events, which is to never wear orthopedic old-man shoes.

I was derided for saying this, of course, but you can’t explain this aesthetic to deplorable-shoe types. Either you get the importance of wearing elegant shoes in public or you don’t. Wear your grandpa shoes all you want when you’re at home or shuffling around the mall, but never in front of the paying public. The wearing of comfort shoes is a sign of frailty and the lack of a vibrant future.

Nancy Pelosi obviously understands this philosophy, this reality. During last week’s pride parade in San Francisco, the 80-year-old Speaker of the House wore purple Manolo heels. While marching in a parade! Nobody would’ve blinked or said a word if she’d worn sensible shoes or even hiking boots, but she toughed it out because she gets it. She understands what Bruce Dern, Robert De Niro and other guys of that age group refuse to acknowledge.

You know who also gets it? Martin Scorsese. Dude’s pushing 77 and he always wears Italian-style black leather lace-ups.