Update: The SXSW coupon credential software screwup has been solved, or at least overridden and put to bed. Thanks to all concerned.

Previously: “Wells to SXSW press office: I find it mildly idiotic that SXSW insists that credentialed SXSW journalists fill out a form in order to redeem a coupon that excludes them from having to pay $500 or whatever for the privelege of covering SXSW. I presume you know that no other film festival in the world requests this kind of thing.

“In any event I filled everything out and tried to do it as correctly as humanly possible, but after pasting in the code [that was supplied by your office an email] in the ‘redeem coupon’ slot the software told me “that coupon does not exist.”

“I guess I’m going to have to come down to the convention center and haggle this out with someone. Wonderful system you guys have here. I was so impressed I felt I just had to share.”