Variety is reporting that Perez Hilton’s webhost, the Australia-based Crucial Paradigm, has dropped because of four lawsuits against Hilton pushed by eight photo agenices over Hilton’s alleged theft of shots that have run on his site.
The Oz plug-pulling has left the gossip columnist’s site temporarily on the ropes, running on “less than full power…a skeleton or temporary situation where he can still post [with] limited interactivity” with his archives missing, etc.
Hilton (i.e., Mario Lavandeira) posted a reaction earlier today, admitting to “feeling overwhelmed by our temporary technical difficulties and other roadblocks” and claiming that going out on the town in Manhattan with friends last night made him feel better. “Fuck being depressed! Fuck the pain away!,” he wrote. “Try as they may, can’t nobody hold us down.”
That sounds like a boozy 15 year-old bitching about parental discipline, no? The kind of pain that Hilton is going through needs to be micro-managed and re-thought and negotiated. It’s about money, not feelings.