So this tough guy named Chris Knittel (ex-military for 11 years, currently trying to be an actor) announced on Facebook that he’d heard “mixed things” about Chloe Zhao‘s Eternals (i.e., had read that it’s the lowest-rated Marvel film of all time) and therefore announced it’s “time to see it for myself.” And Facebook decided that this post was “spam” and took it down.

Chris tapped out these words yesterday as the show was about to start. Obviously the slapdown is an algorithim thing but still…the word “mixed” is considered spammy?

So what did he think of Eternals? “I liked it,” Chris says. “Pretty epic movie…great actors, good comedy….I think the adverse reactions were about people’s expectations being so high, being from an Oscar-winning director and all, people’s expectations were extremely high…this movie did a great job with the different characters…they all had their different dynamics.”

Chris’s favorite film of the year so far is Edson Ota‘s Nine Days (Sony Pictures Classics, 9.30). It costarred Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz and Benedict Wong. Currently renting on Amazon for $5.99.