Sometime last spring I bought a relatively inexpensive pair of Sony wireless headphones. Nothing special but good enough. Six or seven weeks ago they disappeared. Being the occasionally-absent-minded-professor type, I sometimes leave things of value in cafes, libraries, movie theatres, 7-11 stores, etc. I checked and called around everywhere but couldn’t find the damn things.

So after a brief period of mourning I bought a pair of black Apple “Dr. Dre” beats. A bit more costly than the Sonys but very nice to have.

Yesterday I was driving north on Wilton’s Route 7 when the car in front of me (a sensible Volvo wagon) abruptly slammed on the brakes…dead stop. I naturally slammed my own a millisecond later. After recovering from the trauma (it could be been a serious banger if I hadn’t reacted as quickly as I did) I looked down and saw the effing Sony headphones. They’d been under the driver’s seat the whole time. I’d checked the car top to bottom during my initial search, but obviously not thoroughly enough.

Now I have two pairs. Maybe Sutton would like the Sonys — they’re relatively new.