Update:  Eight days after announcing that Nate Parker would not sit for a Toronto Film Festival press conference, Fox Searchlight has changed course and announced that he will. Except TIFF-covering press can’t just show up and be seated.  As with any junket, journos have to be pre-approved by FS and talent reps.    That doesn’t necessarily mean most of the questions will be cottonballs,  but there is that possibility.

Two press conferences will occur — Parker and the Birth of a Nation cast doing a video junket presser on Saturday, 9.10, and then a print press conference on Sunday, 9.11.  Both will happen at the Fairmont Royal York and not, as previously reported about the 9.11 press conference, at the Bell Lightbox. So FS, Parker and the gang still aren’t doing a “TIFF press conference” as most of us understand the term.