Picturehouse chief Bob Berney (r.) and Washington Post/N.Y. Times freelance contributor Laura Winters (l.) at Monday night’s New Line/ Picturehouse party at Del Posto, a huge, two-story Italian restaurant located on the 10th Avenue “foodie corridor” — Monday, 12.4.06, 8:35 pm pm; apologies to International House of Publicity chief Jeff Hill for running this not-all-that-unflattering shot of him (i.e., his eyes were blinking), Mark Rabinowitz (l.) and journalist and “Reeler” blogger Lewis Beale (r.) at the Picturehouse party; Movie City News columnist Stephen Holt (l.) and 19 year-old theatrical wunderkind whose name escapes me…sorry; The luxurious, beautifully decorated Blue Water Grill at Union Square and 16th Street, where I lunched yesterday with Little Children costar Phyllis Somerville and who plays the film’s most compassionate and grounded character (i.e., Jackie Earl Haley’s mom) with great spunk and conviction, which has incited Best Supporting Actress talk; Spring Street grocery-liquor store somewhere to the east of Broadway — Monday, 12.4.6, 6:25 pm.