Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End has a 37% positive from the Rotten Tomatoes elite. Even MCN’s David Poland, who wrote last year that the second Pirates film gave him “joy,” says it’s “the least of the three films.”
If you read the reviews by two of the easygoing friendlies — N.Y. Daily News critic Jack Matthews, and Variety‘s Brian Lowry — you’ll realize they’re not that friendly. The Chicago Tribune‘s Michael Wilmington, the Chicago Sun TimesRichard Roeper and the notoriously accommodating Michael Rechtshaffen, critic for the Hollywood Reporter, all gave it a pass.
And of course, the domestic and int’l tallies came to $58 million for Thursday alone. As Poland and others have stated, the highest five-day tally is $172.9 million, which P3 seems on track to overtake.