I’ve attended several all-media screenings in New York since arriving last November, and I’ve been stopped several times by security goons telling me that no cameras are allowed. If a publicist is standing nearby they’ll override the apes and I’ll get in with my camera (which I always carry in my bag or around my neck), but without a publicist I’ll be kept out. We all understand piracy concerns and want to comply, but goons insisting on no cameras have to offer to hold them in plastic bags with a claim ticket, as I’ve seen them do at dozens of screenings in Los Angeles. It’s a very simple system. If they won’t hold onto cameras (or, more to the point, if movie distributors won’t pay extra for the goons to do this), then they’re doing nothing but creating trouble. Please think this through, distribs, and try to be more considerate. Almost every journalist carries a camera these days. This isn’t 1954 or 1984 or 2004, even.