MCN’s David Poland voted for a grand total of 7 correct Oscar calls in the final Gurus of Gold chart. Out of 21 categories, that is. (MCN doesn’t include doc short, live action short or animated short.) Poland also missed 4 of the top 8 categories including such no-brainers as Best Picture and Original Screenplay. He went with Tony Gilroy and Michael Clayton instead of Diablo Cody and No Country for Old Men.

This doesn’t precisely fortify the legend of the Poland Curse (i.e., any Best Picture he gets behind big-time will lose) because Poland didn’t push all that rigorously for Michael Clayton, or not as hard as he campaigned for Dreamgirls and Munich. But it does tend to support the idea that Poland, a major Hollywood know-it-all, has a less than sterling track record in this realm.
Pete Hammond, who got the most correct choices among the Envelope Buzzmeter crew, was first among MCN’s Gurus with 16 correct calls, followed by Jack Matthews (15), Dave Karger (14), Glenn Whipp, Anne Thompson, Sean Smith, Mark Olsen (13), Susan Wloszczyna, Eugene Hernandez (12), Lou Lumenick, Sasha Stone (11), Peter Howell (10), Glenn Kenny and Scott Bowles (8).