I’ve said over and over since Roman Polanski’s September ’09 Zurich bust and all the other ludicrous harassments that followed that the now 83-year-old director is an Art God who gets a pass, at least from this quarter. The man has been lashed and bruised for over 40 years because of a single selfish incident**, one that he did 70something days in prison for before hightailing it when the presiding judge reneged on a plea deal (the whole sordid saga was recounted in Marina Zenovich‘s Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired). Samantha Geimer, the victim in the mid ’70s rape case, said two years ago that Polanski “said he did it, he pled guilty, he went to jail…I don’t know what people want from him.”

But there’s no stopping the SJW pitchforkers. When RoPo was recently nominated to serve as president of the 2017 Cesar Awards French feminists (including the webmasters of Osezlefeminisme pushed back strongly enough to cause Polanski to withdraw. In a 1.26.17 Le Figaro interview the 81 year-old Alain Delon said that Polanski should be praised, not trashed. “If I were asked to preside over the Caesars in his place, I would not go, in solidarity with Polanski,” Delon added. “Every time he goes across the street, [are] we going to talk to him about 1970?”

The only problem with Delon’s support, of course, is that he’s a rabid right-winger.

** This doesn’t excuse anything, but why have the pitchforkers constantly refused to acknowledge that the general age of consent in most European countries is between 14 to 18? That strikes me as way too young but the laws over there are the laws, and from a Polish immigrant’s perspective having sex with a girl who seems to be in her mid teens wouldn’t seem all that heinous. Selfish and hurtful, of course. Using quaaludes to have his way, deplorable. But the age-of-consent factor from RoPo’s perspective is never considered.