Respect, compassion and admiration for 45 year-old Samantha Geiner, the unwilling and way-underage recipient of Roman Polanski‘s predatory lust 31 years ago, for standing up and telling the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office where to go yesterday. Back off, enough already, stop your prosecutorial bullshit and bring this protracted case to an end.

Geimer filed a legal declaration asking that the charge against Polanski be dismissed in the interest of saving her from further trauma as the case is publicized anew, and claimed she’s being victimized again by prosecutors’ focus on lurid details of what happened to her. She also said that the insistence by prosecutors and the court that Polanski must appear in person to seek dismissal “is a joke, a cruel joke being played on me.”

A hearing is set for 1.21.09 on Polanski’s motion for dismissal. But prosecutors have said he must appear in person — an act which would risk his arrest. “If Polanski cannot stand before the court to make this request, I, as the victim, can and I, as the victim do,” Geimer said in the declaration, which was signed at her home in Kilauea, Hawaii.