Remember when Warner Home Entertainment pushed back the release date of the 2001: A Space Odyssey 4K Bluray, from 10.30 to 11.20? Which Digital Bits editor Bill Hunt said was probably “just an issue of replication under capacity causing delays in getting enough product finished for street date”? Well, I ordered the damn thing a while back, fully expecting a delivery sometime yesterday.

Forget it. Not only did I not find the package on my doorstep but Amazon hasn’t even shipped it yet, due to WHE not keeping up with demand, etc. WHE has now dropped the ball twice with this disc. Thanks, fellas, much obliged, etc.

Incidentally: HE fully condemns the sadistic decision by Criterion management to whack their new Some Like It Hot Bluray down to a 1.85 aspect ratio rather than the obviously preferable 1.66 version, which MGM Home Video adhered to several years ago. But I bought it anyway because it contains Howard Suber’s brilliant commentary track, which hasn’t been available since Criterion’s 1989 laser disc version disappeared from view. Billy Wilder’s film was not presented in 1.85 on the laser disc, but then you knew that.

Key Suber observation: “There are two ingredients that are necessary for any comedy that tells a story: (1) an underlying pain and (2) a three-step structure of desire, deception and discovery.”