Like everyone else, I’m stunned by the sudden death of KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin, 64…felled by a heart attack.

I can’t say I “knew” Rubin all that well, but I certainly ran into him at parties and press junkets over the last 25 or 30 years…joshingly, good-naturedly…and can say he was a smart, devotional movie hound…good fellow, disciplined pro, quick with a quip and a real eager beaver.

I’m very sorry that his curtain came down (or “rang” down as it were) this early. Tragic.

Emotionally Sam’s passing feels like the death of the well-liked Meet The Press moderator Tim Russert, who also died quickly from a heart attack. Tim was 58.

Condolences to Sam’s friends, family, colleagues, KTLA fans, industry acquaintances, etc.

Death has this occasionally rude habit of paying a call when it damn well feels like it, and when your number’s up, you’re done.