Poseidon is a remake of a classic film, but when you do that without having a big name it means either you’ll have a money generator with disappointing figures or a complete flop. Replace Josh Lucas with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, et, al. and you’ll probably have a success. Replace Wolfgang Peterson with James Cameron, Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, M. Night Shalaman, et. al. and you’ll probably have a success. With Lucas starring and Petersen directing, Warner Bros. will probably have another King Kong situation at the end of the day — sizable revenues that will nonetheless finally disappoint in relation to how much it cost to make and market. Similar fates enveloped the remakes of Psycho, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Manchurian Candidate…films that were original in their day and became known as classics of a sort, but when their remakes loomed were seen as being difficult to improve upon.” — Phillip C. Perron