Warner Bros. has decided against showing Martin Scorsese‘s The Departed (Warner Bros., 10.6) at September’s Toronto Film Festival. That’s what they told me today. No comment but do the math. It may just be a good down-to-business crime movie and that’s fine, but that’s what Steven Soderbergh’s The Limey was (to me anyway) and that played Toronto. Look at it this way: if The Departed was an “Oscar hopeful,” as Movie City News is calling it right now (Friday at 5:11 pm), wouldn’t it make sense to show it in Toronto? Of course it would. If The Departed had, say, a 12.15 release date WB might want to hold off unveiling it until early to mid-November, but The Departed‘s 10.6 release date makes it an ideal film to show at the Toronto Film Festival, which happens roughly a month earlier. Obviously WB is seeing some kind of downside in this.