The author-screenwriter teams behind Atonement, Into the Wild, No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood and Zodiac have been named finalists for the 2008 USC Libraries Scripter Award. The winner will be announced 2.2.08 at a gala ceremony at USC’s Edward L. Doheny Jr. Memorial Library, with Jason Alexander emcee-ing.
I think it’s a good thing regardless that Zodiac — the fourth-best film of the year according to MCN’s Top Ten list — isn’t even being considered as a longshot Best Picture contender. It didn’t make enough money at the box-office, and that means it has to be punished during awards season…right? Seems to me like the right way to evaluate things. The great Benicio del Toro needs to be punished also for giving the greatest performance of the year in the under-performing Things We Lost in the Fire.
Where would the Oscars be if only the most deserving artists were nominated? In the shithouse is where they would be. You have to make a decent amount of money first. (At least in proportion to budget.) We will decide whether or not to give you a pat-on-the-back nomination only after you do that…kapeesh?