Steve Oedekerk’s Barnyard, a Nickelodeon/ Paramount animated film that I didn’t care about seeing, did a decent $5,463,000 — a little over $1600 a print. — yesterday, and is projected to bring in $16,936,000 by Sunday night. The weekend projection for Pirates 2 is $10,875,000, off 47%. The expected weekend tally for Miami Vice…hold on to your hats…is $9,577,000, which is a drop of 63% from last weekend. It’s over — it’ll be a push to reach $60 million. Lionsgate’s The Descent will do about $9,438,000, which means they’ll probably report over $10 million. John Tucker Must Die will wind up with $6,697,000. Monster House, $5,907,000. Dupree, $3,716,000. Ant Bully, $3,706,000. The Night Listener with Robin Williams is toast with $3,561,000 projected for the weekend. It’s playing in 1367 theatres and did a bit more than $2000 a print.