I love the way David Lynch says “When you don’t have final cut, you stand to die the death….die the death.” I don’t like that look of solemn de-emotionalized conviction on Catherine Breillat ‘s face. I’m irritated by the gray-white streaks in Agnes Varda‘s dyed red hair (either embrace au natural or do regular salon visits). And it’s great hearing John Sayles say that “New York-area Hispanics do talk loudly but we don’t like to talk about this.” And I love blonde hair.

Which is a way of saying that I watched Great Directors again last night and really enjoyed the leisurely vibe of it. It’s like going to a party on a Sunday afternoon with several fascinating film directors and everyone not being seized with being funny all the time. If there’s one thing more loathsome than various people sitting around a table and feeling the urge to make each other howl with laughter (and obliging in kind when a table-mate makes the effort), I’d like to know what it is.

Yes, I’m kidding about the Sayles quote but I couldn’t resist.