Q: “So how secure do we build this? How many guy wires? Do we make it strong enough to hold up in heavy winds and howling rainstorms, or just strong enough to stand in good weather or what?” A: “Or strong enough to withstand an earthquake, you mean? C’mon, man…we have to stay within our budget. We don’t want to go nuts here. I have mouths to feed. Just build it the usual way.”

Five people died in this calamity. A horrible thing all around. But I have to say that the above video footage reminds me how I always get a huge thrill when dark clouds swirl overhead and the winds pick up like in the parting-the-Red Sea sequence in The Ten Commandments.

Sidenote: Look at the blonde with the swept-back hair and the shoulder-baring black sweater or leotard about the 37 second mark, and how she’s smiling and happy-chatting with her girlfriends. 25 seconds after the collapse.