I’m not sure that the question of whether or not CAA will represent Jim Carrey following his dumping of UTA last week is of critical importance to anyone, but here’s Kris Tapley‘s take on what’s shaking right now. In all candor, I’m not dead certain that Carrey necessarily matters to anyone these days. Where is it written that the cosmic order of things (the rotation of the globe, etc.) will be adversely affected if Carrey fails to remain the bigshot he’s been over the last 13 or so years and be praised and make tens of millions over the next 20 to 30 years? I’m not against the guy, particularly — nobody dislikes him, he’s been wildly funny in certain films, he has pretty good taste in material — but does anyone really give that much of a hoot if he continues to be a big star or not? I’m not sure that I do. I’m not sure that anyone does. (Okay, maybe I’m wrong. Am I?) I do think it’s healthy these days for not just the distributors and the studio chiefs to say “downgrade the stars” and “no more ass-kissing and catering to their every whim” — I think we should all be saying this at regular intervals. Maybe we’ve been doing this all along on a certain level, but I’m sensing that mass emotional investment/involvement in this or that star’s head of steam is less of a cultural phenomenon these days.