I begged again this morning to be allowed to see Inception at this afternoon’s Manhattan screening. You could hear a pin drop. After yesterday’s love-in, I’m wondering how to approach Chris Nolan‘s film without any kind of attitude. It’s a natural thing. All those ecstatic critics, all that moisture. Something tells me MCN’s David Poland will attend tomorrow’s screening with a bit of an “oh, yeah?” mindset.

I actually feel good about having grilled folks who’ve seen it, and having learned all about the third act revelations, and asked several logic-driven questions. As part of the fourth wave, I’m fully prepared and ready to rock. The first wave hit Omaha Beach at the late-June Inception junket. The second wave splashed into the waters last Friday night and went ashore yesterday afternoon at 3 pm. The third wave is getting wet today and tomorrow on both coasts. And then the clean-up crew — the engineers! — will land next Tuesday night.