Herewith a discussion of Emerald Fennell‘s Promising Young Woman, an interesting possibility as far as this Sunday’s Oscar Awards are concerned (i.e., Bong Joon-ho might take the Best Director Oscar away from 1917‘s Sam Mendes as a kind compensation prize for Parasite not winning Best Picture) and a dark discussion about how (a) the primary season has almost certainly boiled down to Bernie Sanders-vs.-Pete Buttigieg. The bitter conclusion was that (a) the odds of Bernie not winning the Democratic nomination are dwindling as we speak thanks to the anti-Pete crowd (African Americans, under-30s, progressives), and (b) if and when this happens Trump will almost certainly be re-elected. As Roger Friedman said earlier today, Bernie will win the northeast, California and Austin, Texas. Thank you, ideological purists….thank you, the all-or-nothing crowd….thank you for four more years of Donald Trump! Again, the mp3.