A-training to Penn Station at 11 am, and then on to Newark airport. I’ll be strolling Toronto streets by 3:30 or thereabouts. The Martian, Trumbo, Truth, Our Brand Is Crisis, Freeheld, Stonewall, Black Mass, Spotlight, The Danish Girl, Beasts of No Nation, Brooklyn, Son of Saul — it all starts tomorrow. My latest speculative Best Picture top-ten rundown for Gold Derby, influenced by Telluride, not-yet-seen titles in boldface: (1) The Revenant (2) Spotlight, (3) Joy, (4) Suffragette, (5) Carol, (6) Son of Saul, (7) Beasts of No Nation, (8) Brooklyn, (9) Steve Jobs and (10) The Danish Girl. Here’s how the Gold Derby gang is spitballing things.