HE to Harlan Jacobson: Do you mean “pretty New York” like an adjective of approximation as in “yeah, that’s pretty good” or “pretty bad”? Or is this is an ironic allusion to “pretty” New York, as in Queens will NEVER be pretty because it’s fucking Queens as in “jeez, I’m stuck here”?

The blue sky doesn’t count, of course — same sky over the entire tristate area and probably beyond.

Note: This is not a comment about the Tashkent Market branch in question (Halal food, 64-48 110th Street, Forest Hills) which is apparently well thought of despite the fact that “Tashkent” is one of the least appealing names of a supermarket that anyone could possibly come up with.unless they’re in north Löndon or rural England.

Tashkent? If I were a casual shopper I’d prefer a brand name like Axolotl or Moxie or Zorbb.